What Do I Need to Know About Training My Dog?

Dogs are truly mans best friend. I know they are for me …. I have had dogs my entire life … and they have been and always will be a part of my family. As much as I love them, they can get a bit out of hand when they are not properly trained.

There are a few areas that are necessary when training your dog, you do not need to have him doing tricks, fetching the paper for you, or even bringing you your slippers … but you also do not want him to be chewing up your slippers or your newspaper.

You want your dog to know where to do his or her business, whether it be on newspaper for the little dogs, or a certain spot in your backyard. This all takes a bit of training by you or a hired dog trainer. Either way, it needs to be done or you will have some major regrets later on. You will be wondering why you did not bother training in the beginning.

Start your training when they are a puppy, do not wait till later. First, learn a bit about your dog's breed, the kind of temperament he has, what are your dogs natural strengths, areas where he will be easily trained. What area does your dog require a bit more help in?

Remember, no matter what you are going to be teaching your dog, do it with love, and positive reinforcement. Treat you dog as you would a child that you are trying to teach something new. You will be setting up the way your dog responds to commands, either with love and eagerness to please, or out of fear. It is always better to have your dog be willing and eager to make you happy, not because he is afraid of punishment.

You will find that training your dog will become a strong bonding experience, one that you will always cherish and form a wonderful and joy filled relationship. Dogs, truly are man's best friend … and you will be nurturing that bond with proper dog training techniques.

Source by JB Burke