Ten Tips For Writing Eulogies

Eulogies can be extremely difficult to deliver given the circumstances upon which they need to be delivered, the heartbreak of losing a loved one make eulogies the most emotional of all public speaking engagements.

Celebrating the death of a loved one in the form of a public eulogy is especially daunting, speaking to a crowd about the life of someone so close can make it a harrowing experience for all. In your moment of sadness hopefully these ten tips will provide relief when it comes to writing the eulogy.

10. Keep the eulogy short, no longer than 5 minutes.

09. Focus on celebrating the person’s life rather than spending the whole time mourning their death.

08. Comment on the deceased’s qualities

07. Talk about the lasting memory he/she has left on everyone’s hearts.

06. Gently touch on how the person is in a better place now and looking down on everyone.

05. Mention how much you miss him/her, the void he/she has left in your heart and how much you loved him/her.

04. If you knew the deceased as a child, share some of your favorite memories.

03.Talk about the interests/hobbies of the deceased what he/she loved doing and provide a touching example for all to hear.

02. Have a back-up person on hand to continue the eulogy should emotions get the better of you, provide him/her with a copy of your eulogy in advance.

01. Include a private uplifting memory to share with all in attendance.

You can end the eulogy by reading a line from the deceased’s favorite poem, song, movie etc or by referring to the overwhelming sadness felt by everyone, and that somehow courage must be found to continue their lives just as the deceased would have wished.

Source by David B. Duncan