Quick Tips To Stop Dog Barking

Many dog ​​owners are faced with the issue of their dogs barking too much. It not only is a problem for the owner but also for neighbors. A guide to stop dog barking would be good if it aimed at reducing excess barking and not completely silencing the dog. A dog that barks every once in a while warning of guests is a good thing. Training a dog to bark only at certain times is not easy. It's also not impossible.

The first thing to do in stopping barking is to find out why your dog is barking. Yes there is more than one reason. That's like saying that when a baby wears it's only for one reason. Dogs bark for reasons which can include territory, wanting something, playing, danger, other animals, if they're alone, trapped, dominating, bored or looking for a response from their pack. Usually dogs do not just bark for nothing. They have very acute senses of hearing and may be barking at something you do not know is even there.

A guide to stop dog barking must train your dog to understand what is acceptable and what is not. If your dog has no idea of ​​its boundaries then it'll do whatever it wants. Make sure you train with some knowledge as you may end up positively reinforcing its barking when trying to get rid of it.

The biggest mistake in trying to stop barking is yelling and hollering at the dog. This actually makes the dog feel like it is doing something right. Also, when dogs bark a lot while outside, some people let them in the house. This is not a good idea and they may start to bark simply to gain entrance into the house.

Some people get so desperate at training their dog not to bark that they are beginning to contemplate surgery to stop barking. Training is a much better idea. Psychological rewards and reinforcing of behavior is the first step.

Source by Thomas Rye