Must Read Housebreaking a Puppy Tips

Many people are not prepared or simply underestimate how tough housebreaking a puppy can be. Unfortunately, many people make this process harder than it has to be. As soon as you bring this new member of your family home, you will need to begin this process. With a clear understanding of the situation and a bit of preparation, you can get the issue under control as quickly as possible.

There are many different opinions on the best way to train your dog. The main reason for this is that different species of dogs have different attributes. Some dogs are simply stubborn and will require extra patience, while other species may pick up the process quite easily. If you have not chosen a puppy yet, this might be worth taking into consideration.

Puppies have a difficult time controlling their bladder, especially before the age of 12 weeks. This means that accidents will happen. Be prepared for this fact. You must be consistent with your approach and attitude during this training. Failure to do so will leave the puppy confused and will just make the process more difficult. Also understand that all dogs are different based on the genetics of the species and the dog his natural attitude and temperament. If you have not picked out a puppy yet, take this into consideration.

You must begin developing a schedule that you can stick too. Expect to take the dog outside as soon as you wake up in the morning and immediately after the puppy eats. These are typical times that a dog needs to go and need to be worked into the schedule. Between these times, take the dog out every couple of hours or so. Developing this schedule will help the puppy to develop a sense of rhythm about going outside to relieve itself.

Be mindful of your puppies activity, namely sniffing, circling the floor, hovering in corners and general pacing. These are clear signs that the dog may need to go, so immediately take it outside. When you catch the puppy making a mistake, give it a stern "no" and quickly take it outside. Never hit your dog or resort to other cruel, ineffective techniques. Also, never punish a dog unless you have specifically covered it using the bathroom inside. If you find the mistake after the fact, there is no reason to punish the dog, as it will not understand exactly what the punishment is for, further confusing the pooch.

Two key items you may need are puppy pads and kennels. Kennels are ideal for times when you must leave the house. Dogs will not want to tie themselves in such a confined space, encouraging them to wait until you get home to go to the bathroom. However, the puppy may have no choice but to use the bathroom if you are gone for too long. Puppy pads are great for avoiding messes. They are also good for teaching the dog to go to the door when it needs to tie itself. Try slowly moving the pads toward the appropriate door over time. The dog will learn to go to the door when it needs to go outside.

Housebreaking a puppy is a tough task, but it is very achievable. Preparation and anticipation are key. By understanding when puppies typically need to tie themselves, you can set up a schedule to aid you and the dog. Utilize a kennel when you must leave the house, and use puppy pads to avoid messes and teach the dog to migrate towards the door. In time, the puppy will learn these important lessons.

Source by Randy R.