Help! I'm House Training My Dog!

It is so fun to go choose a new puppy, bringing her home and welcome her to the family … she is so cute, so adorable, but wait … she is going potty over there under your chair. NO !!! Now what? Well, welcome to pet parenthood. You are now a new parent of a toddler, not a human toddler, but a toddler still the same. You need to start house training your new puppy immediately. Once your puppy is housebroken, you and she will be much happier.

Most dog owners keep their dog inside their homes, where the dogs are a regular part of the family. Now, as you are finding out with your new puppy, she is not quite familiar with the family rules, and what you think of as a nice home, may be different from what she thinks a nice home should be. Puppies and dogs can be a bit …. messy. They like to chew things, they can be aggressive in their play, and of course, they like to mark their territory. So, what to do … what are some house training tips that you can use to help your puppy fit into your family?

All dogs need to know that they are part of a pack, and that there is a leader of that pack. This is the first thing you will need to do it to let your puppy know that you are in charge. Next you need to determine how you will communicate with your puppy. When you say NO or BAD, you dog needs to know what it means, and when you say GOOD, she will know that you approve of what she has done. When you have made it clear to your dog how you communicate, the rest will be easy.

When your dog knows you are in charge, she will be constantly trying to please you and make you happy. When your dog knows the difference between Good and Bad, and that you are the boss, your house training is well on it's way. The most difficult part is potty training. The simplest way to do this is with a dog crate. When your puppy has an accident on the floor, it will not do any good to punish her, but a chance to reinforce the proper place to go. Just take your dog outside using some key words and then reward her if she goes potty. She will quickly learn to associate reward with going potty outside. When you are gone and not able to watch her, keep her in her crate. She will not soil her crate area, and will go outside as soon as you are home to take her out.

Remember, you need to have a loving heart and a lot of patience for this to work. They are like a child and it takes a little while for her to learn. Happy house training!

Source by JB Burke