Easy Garage Organizing Tips

We all spend time organizing closets and organizing kitchen cabinets. We all love to buy all the kitchen organizer products that are available. I bet you have even spent time organizing your office, but have you tried pulling your car into your garage laately only to discover that it no longer fits? Can your kids no longer find their bikes and sporting equipment? Are you tired of having to climb over mountains of stuff just to get to your toolbox? If you spend a few hours organizing garage space effectively and efficiently then you will once again be able to find everything you have misplaced and maybe find a few things you did not even remember you had.

First, to organize your garage space effectively you need to know what you have. Just like when you are organizing closets, organizing kitchen cabinets, or spending time to organize your office you first have to sort everything so you know what you have. Make piles of stuff that belongs together. Some categories may be sporting equipment, bikes, tools, holiday decorations, paints and sprays, among others. Do not forget piles for trash, to sell, and to donate.

Just like when you spend time organizing your office, to organize your garage you need to think about what should go where. You can purchase some plastic totes and label them for those holiday decorations to make them easier to find. Some are even colored coded such as green and red for Christmas and orange and black for Halloween. Maybe some pegboard and hooks for those rakes and shovels. In the winter bikes can also be hung upside down from rafters. Kitchen organizer products may also come in handy. Baskets, bins, and shelving units may make it easier to have a place for everything.

When the entire garage is emptied out and sorted, spend a few minutes sweeping the floor and washing down shelves and cabinets. Just like when you are organizing kitchen cabinets or organizing closets, it is easiest when the cabinets are empty to wipe them down. Then spend time installing any shelving or cabinets you purchased along with pegboard and hooks.

When everything is installed it is time to put everything back. Start with the stuff you use the least and put everything in that category away first. Put things you only use daily in the easiest to get places and things you use annually in the harder places such as up in the rafters. Make sure all boxes and plastic totes are labeled with the label facing out so you can quickly find what you are looking for next time.

As you have seen it is not a very hard job to organize garage space effectively. These tips are helpful in all your organizing tasks from organizing your closets to organizing kitchen space. Maybe your next task will be to purchase some more kitchen organizer products and go organize your office again.

Source by Ellie Bradley