Dog Training – The Things You Must Never Do With Your Dog

Don’t you ever notice that there is always something telling you what to do with your dog? they always seem to know exactly what you can and can’t do with your dog, like they are experts at dog training.

For example, many dog trainers have told me to never play tugs of war with any of my dogs. I am not sure why but that is what the experts have told me to no do. Go figure.

Another thing that multiple people have told me is that sleeping with your dog on your bed is a really bad idea. Also, people tell me that dog’s should be never fed people food like hamburgers or rice. I am not sure the reasoning behind this either but that’s OK.

There are so many things that people say I should NEVER do with my dog. I could practically write a whole book about it if I wanted to (and if I was bored enough). To tell you the truth though, I have found that playing games like tug of war with my dog is a good thing. It’s like playing around kids except it’s with your rowdy dog. Weird huh?

Also, I have let my dogs sleep with me many times and it hasn’t made them any less tame. In fact, my dogs seem to be even more obedient when I let them sleep with me. And anyhow, who wouldn’t want to hang out with their dog? Sounds like a good idea to me.

The important things is that every dog is completely different (some more than others). Every owner is different as well. Every household is pretty different. If your dog understands who is in charge (you), then there really should not be a problem with letting it sleep on the bed with you or play tug of war. It’s all about obedience and trust.

In my place, I kind of let my dogs do what they want. I don’t completely advocate this but it works for them and me. I can let them sleep with me or lay on the couch and its not like the world comes to an end. If I tell them to do something, they do it. No questions asked. Of course, dogs can’t ask questions but that’s beside the point.

They don’t disobey my orders. They don’t try and defend the couch from me or anyone else. They follow what I say and are happy with it. If my dogs ever did growl or defend the couch, then I would take that privilege away from them until they learned their lesson.

The best way to get your dog to get off the bed or couch is to just tell them “OFF”. If he ignores you then maybe you should start using a leash or something so you can pull them away. Just give a small tug on its leash.

Source by Nnamdi Iregbulem