Dog Training – Teach Your Dog the Sit Command at Once

The sit command is one of the most popular and basic commands. Almost of pet owners in one way or another have tried to train their puppies this command. To teach your dog how to sit, you really do not need the advice of an expert dog training.

Before teaching your pet any other dog training commands you need to make sure that you know all the fundamentals of dog training. That is why you need to start training your dog with the most basic command, which is the sit command. You should teach your dog to sit as soon as possible.

There exists many ways of teaching the sit command, but the most important thing for an owner is to understand the real value of training the sit command properly and at the right time. Proper timing is vital when teaching your pet the dog training commands. If you try to teach your pet more complicated commands before teaching him the basic one your flurry friend can and will get confused. So start with the basic training commands first hand.

It is not only important when the right time on a pet's life to train him, but it is also important to know when it's the right moment to train your dog. A puppy is more responsible to training when they are hungry, so usually training a dog before meals is best, especially if you are going to reward your puppy with treats. When a pup is hungry and wants food, he will try his best to do what you desire and will focus his attention on his training.

After your pet does something that you consider appropriate, reward him with food, like a dog training treat, or with something he really likes, like his favorite toy or tons of praise. Make sure that when you reward your pet you do it on a timely basis, immediately after he has done the right behavior, otherwise the puppy will not associate the treat with the behavior, and this will result on the pet not obeying you in the long run.

Once you become familiar with all the basic puppy training information you need to get started properly, go ahead and start training your dog at once. You do not need to be an expert on training dogs, but you do need to know the basic dog training tips to be able to teach them to your dog properly and without any hesitation. Make sure that prior to start training your pup you have the necessary equipment and that you are in a quiet place where you and your flurry friend will not be distracted. Start showing some beats to your dog and see how he responds to them. To teach the pup to sit, move the treat above your dog's head, and see how he falls back into a sitting position, at that time say the command sit.

If your dog accomplishes this task in a satisfactory way, then give the pet the treat. You may need to try this task a few times before your dog gets it right, and you might even need to repeat the task several days during a few weeks, but this will be part of the dog training commands that you will teach your dog on a regular basis. If you find that your dog tries to wonder around the room where you are training him and will not follow the sit command, try placing a leash on him so you can get some control over where he goes.

If you know the appropriate commands prior to start the dog obedience training techniques you will be a step ahead when it comes to training your best friend that will make him a better pet, this will ensure an amenable and submissive pet.

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