Dog Training – Leash Problems

Many dogs have behavioral problems and when dog training, leash fear is something that affects many of them. It is impossible to safely walk your dog without the use of a lead, so dog training leash walking is crucial. Your dog probably has other behavioral problems too, and according to the author of Secrets to Dog Training, any dog ​​can be cured of these issues. But, what do you do if your dog is afraid to walk on a lead?

It is possible your dog was mistreated with a leash before you adopted him. Because of this, it is important to slowly and gradually get your dog used to it. Introduce it slowly and in a fun way so that your dog associates it with good things. Start by leaving the lead on the floor somewhere the dog will be able to smell it. Maybe place it in and around his toys, or beside his food.

Next, try attaching it to the dogs collar. Distract the dog with a treat and attach it, then just let it go. Let the dog walk around with it attached to him for a while. Never leave a dog unsupervised with an attached leash because it can become snagged and hurt the dog.

After the dog is used to having the leash attached to his collar, it is time to start holding the leash in your hands for short periods of time. Give the dog lots of treasures while you are holding it, so that it associates it with good things. After a few days, to a few weeks of doing this, lengthening the amount of time you hold it each time, your dog may be ready to go for his first walk.

Source by Jean C.