Dog Training – How Long Should Dog Training Sessions Be?

Every morning, the first task of the day is to answer dog training questions that I get everyday. This morning there was a great question that I decided to write an article about it because it is a common one ..

The question was: "How much time do you need to train a dog every day … i know you recommend to keep training sessions short … so do you recommend training just one command a day for fifteen minutes … or something like one fifteen session in the morning and one fifteen session in the evening. Thanks. "

That is a great question because some trainers recommend half hour a day, hour a day and I disagree.

Let me explain.

One of the great dog trainers that I studied was a German Trainer, Gottfried Dildei. Mr. Dildei stated that you always want to END training with your dog wanting to do more.

By ending the session with your dog wanting to continue, you will always keep your dog very motivated and obedience will be very sharp.

I also believe that it works on the human side.

Doing an hour of obedience can get boring for some people. I've seen it teaching thousands of people in classes.

An hour into it the owner is done.

Even if you love training your dog, I still recommend training in short ten minute sessions.

You can do five ten minute sessions a day or more if you'd like. The key is to end the session and do another one an hour or two later.

If you do just one ten minute session a day you'll still get excellent results.

If you start training your dog just ten minutes a day, six days a week, you'll be amazed at how quickly your dog's behavior starts to change. You'll be very happy with your dog and so will your friends and family.

Is not that what you want?

Source by Eric Letendre