Beagle Puppy Training Tips

The Beagle breed comes from a long line of hunting and retrieving dogs. They are highly energetic and need plenty of space to run about and at the same time a lot of activities so as not to make them bored. If you have a Beagle puppy you have to be ready for a responsibility that is more than just feeding and walking the dog. You must have plenty of time to go out and exercise with him, plus if you live in a small apartment or condominium, you might want to reconsider your choice.

Here are some of the basic things you have to remember in Beagle puppy training:

1. House rules. The beagle puppy must be taught where he is to sleep and where he will feed and drink. Feed him only through his dish and minimize trips from the table to make him realize that he will have to wait for feeding time. His bed should be large enough to hold a medium sized dog but a puppy may also use a crate as his sleeping area.

2. Potty training rules. Be patient when the Beagle pup misses training for a few days but reward him if he goes in your designated area. It can be a small cardboard box or a special liner. As he grows older, teach him to do his business outside as you take him out for his walks.

3. Discipline training. A small apartment may pose as a problem for Beagles, they might get tired and bored. A bored Beagle puppy may resort to scratching, digging and mayhem. Correct the negative behavior in a stern voice. Never slap or hit the puppy. Take the puppy out for walks often so he will not feel bored. He will soon know that certain hours of the day are for his Beagle puppy training and outdoor walks. However if you have a large yard at home you can let him loose and do what he wants; but never leave him alone. Fewer stimuli can bore the puppy and he might resort to digging and he might get loose. If you have a large yard for the puppy to play in secure the perimeter with an indestructible fence that is set in concrete so the beagle can not dig to escape.

4. Tricks. A Beagle puppy training is also about learning new tricks. Prepare a lot of trips to reward good behavior. Make the puppy learn one new trick at a time. Make him master the trick first before proceeding to a new one. Maintain good eye contact when instructing your dog, Every breed requires patience and consistency in training him to do tricks. You might want to use a clicker for your Beagle puppy training since this works fast and the technique is easy.

The Beagle pup breed is an all around friendly and well loved companion of owners through the years. If you are an outgoing person with lots of energy, you will soon learn that this breed is right for you.

Source by Andrew Goenardi