Dog Training

This is perhaps one of the most challenging issues facing a dog owner, be it a puppy or a wild one. – Does your dog seldom listen to you? – Do the barking, the biting or the housebreaking issues drive you crazy? – Are you embarrassed by your dog in public? -… Or maybe you […]

Tips For Taking Family Portraits

Family Portraits fall into three main categories; traditional family portraits, candid family portraits and lifestyle family portraits. Most families have had their picture taken, but few have had a chance to have their portrait shot, because of the difference between the two. One is a quick snap, with little attention given to the technical aspects […]

Ten Tips For Writing Eulogies

Eulogies can be extremely difficult to deliver given the circumstances upon which they need to be delivered, the heartbreak of losing a loved one make eulogies the most emotional of all public speaking engagements. Celebrating the death of a loved one in the form of a public eulogy is especially daunting, speaking to a crowd […]